Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Back | The Red Lady Emoji

MANGO dress, ZARA lace ups, BOBBI BROWN lipstick in 'Red Carpet'

Wow. Where did Piece by Piece go? Major technical issues have prevented me from posting these past few months (it hurts to write it), but after a lot of playing around with HTML and coding I've finally cracked it. Cue this rather season inappropriate post, but I was so eager to post again I couldn't wait to organise taking new photos on the weekend. 

The dress. We all have a favourite emoji, and how better to profess this than through a real life enactment? This Mango number is pulled from my Mami's colour-coordinated racks and is a vibrant no brainer on a warm evening. No brainer in the sense that you can eat as many tapas as you can pester the waiter for without having any muffin top/ buttons popping/ belt unfastening situations. (These kind of outfits seem to be my preference of late, more on how to achieve them in another post). 
The accessories are minimal - you know that's how we do it around here. I've been away a while but some habits die hard (and I'm not complaining). 

Typically final year of university is a time of contemplation and looking not only forward but inwards, or at least it has been for me. In between long library sessions and a few sporadic trips, I've been subconsciously and consciously focusing on knowing myself and figuring out what's important to me. Perhaps for some this happened a while ago, but I believe it's important to keep checking yourself to make sure you're where you want to be. Short-term plans are study hard until graduation in the summer and a trip out East again, sartorially it's about minimalism, block colours, subdued palettes and hints of gold... After a long break, I've had time to recognise what I've missed about my blog and what I want it to become; in a sense, you could say PBP will be growing up with me. 

Photos by Roo Chapell Elkin

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