Thursday, 17 March 2016

What To Wear To Uni: The Oversized Jumper

PRIMARK jumper, MANGO coat (similar), ADIDAS superstars
ZARA two strap bag, H&M men's beanie, ASOS earrings

The second in my What to Wear To Uni series (catch the number one here). Recently I've been more and more influenced by the simplistic visual style of bloggers such as Vanessa Hong, Natalie Liao and Jeanne Grey. By this I mean sparse colours, strong dominant shapes and, crucially, pieces that stand alone and could individually make any outfit on their own; those not so basic basics.

However, I'm swapping Prada for Primark in this instance because - let's face it - no normal student has that kind of money sitting around. I've also never been someone to pick up something just because it's 'On Sale' or on a whim; there's usually thought or planning behind each purchase. To some this may seem too deliberate but actually I have found that through time I'm developing a wardrobe that can be paired in countless combinations and still work. This is because each item is already strong on its own. 

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Thursday, 3 March 2016

What To Wear To Uni Series: All In One

STRADIVARIUS jumpsuit, MANGO leather jacket (similar), 
STRADIVARIUS roll neck, ADIDAS sneaks

We're kicking off the 'What to Wear to Uni' series, ironically, with a piece that had my mum burst out laughing when I picked it off the rack in store. She couldn't believe my first thought to this jumpsuit was library but all I saw was day-long comfort with no compromise style-wise. Ya feel? 

The University themed series came about as, let's face it, I spend 80% of my waking hours there during the week. From that we can infer I've had some practise, plus a few of my classmates have been asking for advice as to how to dress for a day of study. Apparently this isn't your usual library wear but I insist that it's got all the components for a heavy day in front of the books: fuss-free, comfortable, a beautiful shade of grey and eye-catching. Perhaps for some readers 'eye-catching' wouldn't come as a library essential, but you're reading a fashion blog... what do you expect?!

Some days I feel the clothes I choose to wear are my only time to play around and create some self-expression. Forever an advocate of finding every combination a piece can be styled into, I love categorising outfits according to occasion. Naturally, being my final semester of university, the occasion tends to be the library. More of these outfits to come.

I am into day 8 of not having a phone, which is inevitably taking its emotional and practical toll - but stand by Instagram and all the other media channels as the reunion is going to be so so sweet!

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