Thursday, 3 March 2016

What To Wear To Uni Series: All In One

STRADIVARIUS jumpsuit, MANGO leather jacket (similar), 
STRADIVARIUS roll neck, ADIDAS sneaks

We're kicking off the 'What to Wear to Uni' series, ironically, with a piece that had my mum burst out laughing when I picked it off the rack in store. She couldn't believe my first thought to this jumpsuit was library but all I saw was day-long comfort with no compromise style-wise. Ya feel? 

The University themed series came about as, let's face it, I spend 80% of my waking hours there during the week. From that we can infer I've had some practise, plus a few of my classmates have been asking for advice as to how to dress for a day of study. Apparently this isn't your usual library wear but I insist that it's got all the components for a heavy day in front of the books: fuss-free, comfortable, a beautiful shade of grey and eye-catching. Perhaps for some readers 'eye-catching' wouldn't come as a library essential, but you're reading a fashion blog... what do you expect?!

Some days I feel the clothes I choose to wear are my only time to play around and create some self-expression. Forever an advocate of finding every combination a piece can be styled into, I love categorising outfits according to occasion. Naturally, being my final semester of university, the occasion tends to be the library. More of these outfits to come.

I am into day 8 of not having a phone, which is inevitably taking its emotional and practical toll - but stand by Instagram and all the other media channels as the reunion is going to be so so sweet!

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  1. Yaaaas - loved this post. And glad to see you're back C!

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