Saturday, 16 April 2016

How To Dress For A Food Baby

Vintage Whistles pants (similar), Zara top (similar), Topshop sandals, Olivia Burton watch

This post is for anyone who dreads that self-conscious feeling that comes from wearing something tight to a meal; you were feeling the reflection in the mirror before you left the house, yet once past the bread course you're adjusting, breathing in and generally not enjoying yourself. Worse yet: your outfit actually affects your meal choice. I bring you solutions. 

Going out to eat in Spain - I would argue especially Southern Spain - is a joy. Not only is it usually warm enough to sit outside at any hour, but it's relaxed, varied, delicious and tapas come in at 1€. These kind of prices mean that it's extremely common for people my age to eat out with their friends relatively regularly, something that is not always possible in the UK. Chatting with friends until whatever hour, ordering rounds of 1€ serranitos, that waistline has the potential of becoming a tad tight. 

So here is my answer: wide leg pants to keep it smart and up-to-date, a smart top (wear white at your own risk... I'm so clumsy) and some matching jewellery and lips. I've been enjoying wide leg pants for a while, I love the way they're a) comfy as it comes, b) a fast-track to longer legs and c) that smart-smasual I'm always looking for. You may be able to tell that these are some old photos from the summer, but with a few alterations I don't see why this is not a year-round winner combination. This combination can be covered with a long heavy coat until you arrive at the restaurant if it's a less than balmy night (Manchester speciality) and the sandals for some smart flats. You're ready to enjoy the evening and, crucially, order those carbs. 

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Photos by Roo Chapell Elkin


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