Sunday, 1 May 2016

Raiding Mum's Closet: Mango Wrap Around Skirt

STRADIVARIUS tee, VINTAGE MANGO wrap skirt, TOPMAN sunglasses
SPANISH BOUTIQUE sneaks (similar), MANGO bag

I wore this last week while in Spain on a short mini break (and posted it on Instagram), and really enjoyed it... A mixture of the subdued colours, the sneaks and this awesome skirt I dug out of my Mum's closet. Absolutely love that detail which you can wear either at the front or the back. Turns out, she bought it before I was born! Another point towards investing and looking after your clothes. 

It's dissertation and exam time this May, so Instagram and Facebook are deleted for now. I've got to tell you, Mums are right; I've noticed such a difference in my concentration levels and general time wasting behaviour. I will re-download them once my dissertation is in next week, but I will be assessing whether I slip into my old procrastination patterns and may have to delete for the whole of the exam period. Social media is really such a time thief. 

These Topman sunglasses have become one of my favourite items of late, solving the issue of lusting after the Raybans ones but not enough to actually invest in the real deal!

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