Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Week in Pictures: Shanghai

WELCOME to a new series on PBP, once a week I'll be uploading 'Shanghai in Pictures' - a less select variety of photos of day-to-day life in Shanghai. I'm here for six weeks - half way through - and on to Beijing for four weeks after that.

Last week was spent teaching English to a group of students getting ready to attend prestigious private schools in the UK. I learnt a lot every day and definitely feel more confidence about my abilities to teach. I was impressed not only by the expected obedient and compliant behaviour towards authority (in this case, me!) but also by their open mindedness and willingness to consider new points of view or try new things.

The highlight of my week - which is obvious from the amount of photos - was the S H E exhibition at the Long Museum on West bound (here). It's the first art exhibition in China to show work exclusively by female artists, and I was over awed by the quality, variety and creativity in every piece. If you are reading this and you're in Shanghai or visiting soon, this is a must.

Wearing: PRIMARK 'NASA' leotard, ZARA shorts and STAN SMITH trainers
                TOPSHOP white crop top, H&M skirt, PRIMARK choker

Eating: Sproutworks 4 side salad (= LIFE)
            Yang's Dumplings

Drinking: Matcha Frappé
                 G&T at Cartel Rooftop Bar (nighttime view shown above)

Reading: Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie (please read everything by her)
               The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Check back next Wednesday for the second installment of Shanghai in Pictures!

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Photos taken on an iPhone 6

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  1. Love these photos - clean lines, clear focus of subject - keep them coming!


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