Wednesday, 8 March 2017

International Women's Day and New Beginnings

I just got back home from my job as a marketing specialist at a digital media agency, a role carved just for me within the growing company. I then went straight to the gym because, you know, exercise is good. I check and support my family members and friends throughout the day, as I always do. I am now researching and reading about International Women’s Day and coming up with a new swing to this blog - all the while with an undercurrent subconsciously telling myself I am not enough.  

The irony is that while writing the above sentence I found myself questioning whether I had - and telling myself that really I hadn't - done enough to warrant typing that out. 

I have plenty of other hobbies - creative writing, tutoring refugee kids, watching First Dates, etc etc - and yet I still don't feel even close to striving, doing or attaining 'enough'. This could be particular to my age group (early 20's), my self-image or maybe maybe it's strongly linked to my gender. Reading books such as Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In provide plenty of examples where women and men's confidence towards asking for pay rises, promotions or even vocally contributing to a meeting varies greatly. Other resources (podcasts/ videos/ articles) on this topic confirm Sandberg's statements. 

Happy International Women's Day. 

Amid a President who's happy to grab ladies' pussies (sorry, I kind of had to bring him up), a Polish MP proclaiming that women are "weaker, smaller and should earn less" and men asking today "why there isn't an International Men's Day, it's really no surprise that subconsciously we as women internalise a lack of self worth, of inferiority and of - to go back to myself - a feeling of "not enough". HOWEVER, in stark contrast to this, on Monday of this week I went to see inspiring Kehlani who spoke on the importance of self-love and meditation, on Tuesday I tutored a girl who has never gone to school and this June is taking her GCSEs, today Wednesday is International Women's Day and on Saturday I'm going to a talk by Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie. In summary: there is a lot of light and a lot of great things happening for women and to women everywhere. 

So: here is the new Piece by Piece. A platform for women in their early 20s to find inspiration/ advice/ tips/ guidance as to: careers, direction, confidence, reassurance and community. As a reader you can expect links/ podcasts/ videos/ articles/ quotes/ music; interviews with women from different sectors; companies founded by women and... whatever else might come to mind or develops! 

Here are a few links to get started: 

The Male Bias in Children's Books

12 APAC Chiefs And What They Would Change For Women

Any suggestions/ ideas/ links/ direction/ people I could include would be immensely useful, so please feel free to reach out if you have any!



  1. Hi! Good to se another blog. Enjoyed reading it a lot. Keep sharing the good stuff with us and giving us the positivity and hopes. You are doing an amazing job dear

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