Piece by Piece is a London based blog aimed at forming a community where young women can discuss and share their worries, insecurities and uncertainties on becoming an "adult", their life direction, their career, and a source of inspiration, confidence, and reassurance. Discussing and reading other women's thoughts that may be impossibly similar to your own makes it all a lot less daunting.

The blog is designed to be contributed to by as many young women as possible and welcomes all ideas, absolutely not limited to writing: podcasts/ young women's businesses/ videos/ talks. If you have a business/ idea you'd like to promote on this platform, please get in touch.

The blog was started by Carmen in 2013 as a fashion blog. Although the blog was a source of creativity and was quietly successful, Carmen realised that as she grew what to wear was quickly replaced by what the hell am I doing with my life. 
 recently graduated trying to carve her life while battling with society's pressures (why don't you have a boyfriend yet?), feelings of insecurity (shouldn't I have my life a bit more sorted by now?),

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